What if this can happen-Talking to the men now

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If the male organ was to be packaged and sold in the market,for instance,A lady goes to the market and went to a shop that sells male organ for a fixed price of 4000naira,the question will be,

*Do you think the ladies will glance at men for the rest of there lives?

*Do you think there will be weddings

*And all the male organ sold in the market all have sperms in it,that is why it is padlocked,whenever you as a lady finish using it,you store in you refrigerator and when you want to use it again,you micro wave it and it will be active for use…

*If it were to happen,what will the male in this world do?

Masturbation is out of it,because,there will be robbers,not for money but for ladies…whereby a guy went to rob and robbed a full lady,even policemen will be in support,prostitution fee will hike up and the men will pay through through there teeth just for sex…

Scientists will find a way to balance the equations,by inventing a female organ too for the market…

Ladies can be cruel and soft hearted at times,but,WHAT IF….LIFE PROBABILITIES NEVER ENDS


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