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fb_img_14834533454853880 Beauty is not a guarantee to marriage . 💑
Falling sick does not mean you are about to die.😑
Getting rich💰 is not the definition of prosperity. Building a nice house 🏠is not enjoying luxury. Sleeping on an expensive bed does not bring you sound sleep. 😵
Driving a new car 🚗is not a guarantee that you gonna reach where you are going.
Wearing best clothes does 👕👖👗not mean they are fitting you.
Owning a family doctor does not guarantee permanent health. 💉💊
Being highly educated 📝🎓is not a sign of wisdom.
Marrying a rich💵💰💶💴 guy does not guarantee happy marriage.
Winning an argument does not mean that you are correct. ✅✖💯
Whatever is done without the merit of Heaven🌁 is fake and temporal.
He who builds without God is building for nothing ; and he who watches over a city 🏢without God,👳 watches in vain.
Not everything is possible with men👨, yet everything is possible with God.
Involve God in everything you do.



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