Tips on how to write a good book review

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A book review refers to the critical assessment of a book by making a commentary, entering into dialogue and discussing the work of an author with the audience. The writer agrees or disagrees with the work, identifies how they consider the work while voicing your opinion. To get started on how to compose an excellent book review, observe the following guidelines.

Note down important points from the book

Before beginning to write, the most important step is writing down the points you want to get across. Reading a book which may be many pages long may make you forget the main points. However, by jotting them down, you can organize your thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the book thereby knowing how to go about writing the review. To solve all problems with this type of review visit the website essaybasics.com.

Start the review with a brief description of the book

A general rule for you when introducing the book is to give facts and background info about the author of the book without revealing its plot. Include information such as the title of the book, the name of the author, its genre, whether it is a series and its date of publication. It is frustrating for any reader of a book review to struggle to try and establish such necessary information when absent in your introduction. Therefore, include it to grab the attention of the reader so they can want to learn more and eventually read the book.

Discuss what you liked about the book.

Writing of a good book review requires you to come up with an analysis of the book. Enumerating your opinion on what it discusses and discussing what you like about the book are the best ways of analyzing it. Come up with answers to the following questions. Which character did you like the most and why? Did you consider the characters real to you? Did the story keep you on your toes? What part of the book interested you the most and why? Were different scenes written excellently and according to your expectation? What feeling did the book give you, laughter or sorrow? Did the book capture your attention in totality?

Discuss what you did not like about the book

Just like the exciting parts of a book are crucial so are the parts you disliked. Discuss what went wrong for you in the book by coming with answers to these questions. For example, did you wish the ending was different instead of a cliffhanger? Why did you not like or care about the main character? Was the story too scary as you want, or not? Why did you find the theme of the book not interesting? Coming up with the answers to these questions will enable you to evaluate the other side of the book.

Analyze the author

            The author of the book is an integral part of your review. Research him or her and come up with bibliography information and their point of views about various subjects. The information will help you develop an informed and conclusive opinion about the book, thereby giving your review the depth it requires.


Writing a book review is the best way of attracting the interest of other readers on books you have read. By noting down important points from the book, outlining what you like and dislike and analyzing the view and opinions of the writer, you can draft an excellent book review.

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