The modern chronicles of Nigerian state

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The Modern Chronicles Of Nigerian State(Why we are where we are today) written by Egbeolowo-Olaitan

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The Nigerian police force, The Nigerian Army, The Law Society of Nigeria; all of these law enforcement agencies are regular agents to Nigerian politicians. They work like peter and paul while the hoi polloi are at greater risk. They are the modern chronicles of nigerian politics, they are the clandestine organisations used by the politicians to silence and quench the hoi polloi. One would ask if these organisations knows the purposes of their establishment?


The Nigerian police force that is suppose to be an avenue for peace making and ultimate guarantee of the peoples life. But, it is a pity that the Nigerian police force(Dss,rrs and sss) are being used for selfishness, nepotism, injustice, tribalism and mercantilism by the nigerian politicians(the oppressors). Nigerian police would arrest people without a genuine reason, just because they want to acts base on the foolish order given to them. They are the ones who would assault, molest and violate the peoples rights due to personal interest under impersonation of the oppressors and perpetrators. I doubt the safety of my people if the nigerian police force and Nigerian politicians are one of a tweedledum and tweedledee. Hmmmmm! The law society that is suppose to be an epitome of fairness, justice and impartiality is now the most used society by the Nigerian politicians today. without doubt and base on the available evidence, the Nigerian bar. Association is a den of corruption headed by unarmed robbers; an abode that is suppose to be a place for the misplaced and voice of the voiceless. It is somehow deleterious and insalubrious to the people living in a country where the judicial system is characterised by injustice, extreme corruption, partiality, nepotism and prebendalism. How can the people get justice when the judicial system is wet by corruption? How are they going to be exonerated in the face of oppression and depression? Are there no common sense persons at the corridor of leadership anymore? A society that is made up of worthless and deficient judicial system is already on the verge of falling deep into the aqua of what Thomas Hobbes described as “State of the Nature”, where survival of the fittest is the order of the day. To me, Nigeria is of no difference to state of the nature because our society is nasty, brutish and survival of the fittest. Leadership is nothing when the voice of the people cannot be heard, leadership is nothing when the people have no peace, leadership is nothing when the people keep dying of disease and starvation. Recently, there are have been many cases reported via social media on corruption(money laundering). Why would someone who calls himself a learned fellow be stealing money that belongs to everybody and for the nations development? I shook my head the day I heard that almost 11million dollars was found in one yakubu’s home like that. Realistically, for someone to stock money at home like food, it shows that the money is not clean or it could be that his bank account can no longer take in anything like medium of exchange again. Where did he see such a ridiculous amount of money in this recession? Who knows may be the money is enough to revitalise and rescucitate the nations economy. Hmmmm!!! There are many of his kind across the length and breadth of the federal republic of Nigeria- people like allison madueke, and some APC members in Buhari’s cabinet, whose first agenda is to fight corruption. A self deceiving country like Nigeria is nothing but a fiasco. One would think and say civil disobedience is our problem. I think our problem is not civil disobedience, our problem is that the Nigerian prisons of today are full of petty thieves while the grand thieves are the one(s) ruling this country. If by mistake, a prominent nigerian politician is arrested and guilty of all the offences levelled against him, the next thing is the one and only prison built for their reservation alone(KUJE PRISON@ABUJA) while the bad ones are meant for the Hoi-polloi. Who is deceiving who? The yorubas would say “OLE GBE OLE GBA” mr president and his government claims to be fighting corruption while the people in his cabinet are busy looting money that is suppose to be used for the betterment of all.

The case of Budget padding by Yakubu Dogara was silenced and buried up till now. Which one is ineffable for me to mention here? Is he telling us that the APC members are corrupt free people? I’m neither a party member nor a partner to their GOD fatherism politics. I was immensely criticised the last time I said APC is an association of past criminals, and I say it again APC=association of past criminals. What change can we figure from these people? PDP=people deceiving people. It is painful and horrifying that Nigerians are yet to know that we are still dealing with the same set of people. Finally, we are where we are today because of the atrocities committed by our leaders in the past- you reap what you sow(law of karma). If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? This biblical quote is a true definition and befitting state of Nigeria. When our resources was booming and flourishing, rather for our leaders to use it wisely; they were too busy looting and sharing the nations wealth among themselves. GOD has blessed us with natural resources, but, our leaders failed woefully to utilise the resources due to highandedness, maladministration, selfishness, mismanagement and labanotation. Plato was quoted at saying that “in any democracy, the people and only the people must remain the philosopher kings”. Realistically, I think there are two options that can skip us out of these nightmares which are SECCESSION and REVOLUTION; if we can’t go for one out of the two options provided, then the struggle has just begun! Good luck!

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