State of the Nation Nigeria

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Recently I began to dig deep into my achieves, and I stumbled on the picture of this painting. The painting is a visual analysis of the State of the Nation Nigeria. In my expression, some of the symbols and icons put together are the things that are not working properly and needed to be repaired or discarded.

We are so religious but yet plenty evil on the land, we have trafic lights but do people obey?, we have electricity poles and cables all over but where is the light?,we have hospitals yet we travel abroad for medication, corruption weigh more than justice, we are blessed with a non functional and barbaric system of government who only gets to power with looted ballot box, but expects the youth to serve with all thier blood. We will speak out!,we will fight the battle till our voice is heard.

I remembered putting this painting for a competition during my youth service and it was juried by Mama #NikeOkudaye, Late #DoraAkuyili and DG of NYSC Major MI Tsiga. The painting won the award of the Best Artist of the year. But where is the price? even the certificate dem no give me. But I keep painting.
#PrimaryAssingment, #AcrylicOnCanvas,90cm/120cm,2009.

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