How to write a good informative speech

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An informative speech is one of the best ways that a student learns how to conduct research and organize information. As the first type of speech that one has to learn in public speaking class, it is designed to give detailed information to an audience about a particular subject. Every student should harness skills of how to draft an excellent informative speech to develop writing and public speaking skills by following various steps.

Pick a topic to discuss

The first step you should take is selecting a topic. Pick a topic that you know about, one that interests you and that you would want to learn more. An informative speech requires you to educate your audience. Therefore, picking a topic you like from https://essaykitchen.net will make sure you enjoy learning more about it and giving the speech and make it easier to draft it.

Decide on what your speech wants to cover.

After choosing a topic, you have to determine what you will discuss. A speech is time limiting thereby; you only discuss only a small part of an entire topic. Restrict your topic by settling on a specific issue, and choose to offer enough essential information about it.

Develop a strong thesis statement

For a good speech, it has to have an excellent and well-crafted thesis statement. A thesis statement, in an informative speech, highlights the focus of your speech. Craft one that outlines the main idea of your discussion, one that is straightforward and that gives direction to your speech.

Research your topic

Once you establish the focus of your topic, collect information on your topic. Utilize the internet, journals, library books and articles to gather as much information as possible. Ensure that the information you gather is correct, verified and develops your discussion.

Keep your audience in mind.

While determining your topic, research material to use and writing the informative speech, keep in mind your audience. It is necessary to consider the audience to make your speech effective. Keeping the audience in mind helps you determine who they are, thereby giving you insight on the knowledge or lack thereof about your topic. In doing so, you get an idea of whether to provide all the essential information on your topic or you can skip some parts.

Write the speech

Open your speech with an interesting, informative and telling introduction. Begin the paragraph with an attention-grabbing sentence made up of an impressive fact, statement or quote that entices the audience to continue listening to your speech. Next, break down your topic by giving background information and conclude it by stating the focus of your speech.

Work on expounding your thesis statement by writing the body. Discuss your points separately, describing them and providing details and examples to give your discussion depth. When discussing the topic, stay on each discussion point and connect all sentences logically to make your speech flow.

Conclude by summarizing all the points you have put across and add flair to the end by giving a funny statement that leaves your audience talking about your speech.


An informative speech is essential, and each student should learn to write it. By following all the above steps from planning to finally drafting the essay, you learn how to write an excellent informative speech. Practice and after that practice the speech some more to ensure you are well-prepared and versed in your topic.








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