How to prepare tomato sauce stew in a native style

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IMG_20170220_164505 INGREDIENTS

-five plum fresh tomatoes

-locust bean a.k.a iru

-a handful of crayfish

-groundnut oil

-one big bulb of onion

-grounded pepper

-knorr maggi cube

-salt to taste


-Boil your meat,chicken and season it properly with thyme,maggi

-ground your crayfish

-dice your fresh tomatoes

-dice your onions

You are good to go


-place a pot on the fire and allow it to dry

-once the pot is dry,pour in your groundnut oil and allow the oil to heat up

-pour your sliced onions and fry a bit

-then pour your diced tomatoes and fry

When you feel that the oil is coming up and there is no sign of water in the mixture,

-put your meat or any assorted you want,let it boil for 20seconds,this will make the mixture stick together

-put your locust bean i.e iru,crayfish,grounded pepper,maggi and salt to taste.

Allow it to shimmer for 2minutes,your tomatoes sauce is ready to be eaten with rice,yam etc…


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