Ekiti 2018: I Have No Plan B – Yaya-Kolade

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Nurse, midwife, pharmacist turned medical doctor, Dr. Mrs. Mojisola Yaya-Kolade who is the only woman in the APC contest has disavowed any other political plans besides the governorship ticket.

Mrs. Yaya-Kolade in an interview firmly ruled out any other options saying she had no plan B for the election. Asked of her Plan B, she said: “I have my business. I am fully engaged.


I am a very busy woman, professionally. I am an entrepreneur. So, I am not stepping down. No compromise,”  Dr. Yaya-Kolade who is also a large scale farmer said. Asked if she had a godfather, she said, “ I have. God is my godfather.” On the conditions that she would step down for another candidate, she said: “ Never. The answer is never.

I am not running for the deputy governor. I am running for the governor of Ekiti State because I have my own ideas, I have my own agenda. I have thought about it over the years. I did not just stumble on it. I am thinking about how I can make a big difference. And I have been making a big difference. I want to make a big difference on a bigger platform.”

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